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Company History

RTG was founded in 1962 as repair company for F104D and F4 Sterer components only.

In 1973 Peter Lüthge bought the company and renamed it as RTG P. Lüthge GmbH. From 1973 through 1989 RTG was Sterers’ sole sales representative in Europe and the only approved O&R facility in Europe.

Since 1973 the capability for civil aircraft components was built up continuously. Today we do have capability of mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel equipment of nearly every aircraft manufacturer as Airbus Industries, Boeing, Fokker, Avions Marcel Dassault, SAAB and others. In the 90s new competences have been achieved in the overhaul of Heat Exchangers and Coolers for military and civil applications.

Prompt and high quality service has earned the company a reputation of excellence within the aerospace community. Our customer always comes first and we do our best to meet his requirements within shortest Turn Around Times and at excellent conditions.



Besides aircraft equipment, Sterer was one of the top suppliers of satellite and sounding rocket attitude and orbit control cold gas systems in the western world. Their pressure regulators, thrust valves, fill and drain valves and special high pressure tanks have been integrated on a vast number of US and European satellites.

RTG again was Sterers’ sole representative in Europe. But after the successful sale to Vickers and then Eaton, the space branch in Los Angeles was closed and RTG took over a part of the program.

The first complete attitude and orbit control system delivered by RTG was for CHAMP, which was launched 1999 and is still operational.

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